Press-1 Campaign Software

Press-1 campaigns are a very powerful tool in a marketer’s toolkit. It’s a great way to reach a large number of audience and generate leads. A press-1 campaign usually consists of calling a person over telephone, and if the called person picks up, playing an audio file that asks the callee to press the number 1 in their dialpad if interested in the callers proposition, or press any other digit if not interested. If the digit 1 was pressed, the system connects the prospect to a human/virtual agent, and continues down the sales process. Due to the capacity of the system to filter through a large group of prospects, the system has the capacity to greatly assist small marketing teams handle a large lead list.

Dandydialer is an excellent press-1 campaign software. It doesn’t claim to be revolutionary, but it does contain a lot of small tweaks that makes it intuitive to use, and thus reduces the mental friction to successfully run a campaign using it.

  • It is completely web based, with nothing to install and configure, making it excellent for novice users who doesn’t want to learn nitty-gritty voip terminologies.

  • It has AI based text to speech engines which can convert a written text to natural human sounding voice files.

  • Dandydialer has statistical algorithms for predictive dialing, making sure your agents are not idling between calls, nor overwhelmed by too many calls.

  • Built-in statistics and analytics dashboard for each campaign, giving you the necessary information to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Dandydialer has contact timezone matching, which allows your camapaign to call a contact during daytime, instead of in the middle of the night. The timezone can be automatically inferred from the dialing code of the contact phone number