Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The FREE package is not a time-trialed demo. Also, it does not require any credit card to sign-up. Feel free to use it as long as it suffices your needs.
DandyDialer is an auto dialer software. With it, you can reach large number of people with computer assisted phone calls. Some of the typical uses are - press-1 marketing campaigns, automated disaster notifications, brand awareness campaigns, phone surveys etc.
No, you don’t need to buy or rent any server in order to use dandydialer. All campaigns will run on our dedicated server cluster that’s provided free of charge to dandydialer users.
There is no setup fee. More pricing related F.A.Q-s are available at this page.
We do not provide voip minutes. You can use any voip minute provider/carrier you like, and we can make introductions to suitable carriers.
Our clients often have their own high volume voip provider who can provide minutes at a very affordable rate (sometimes less than half a cent per minute in the USA and Canada). We cannot provide a better rate than these giant telecom companies, so we focus on the actual dialer software.
While it is not our job to do moral policing, we have a social responsibility to prevent exploitation of vulnerable people. It is not permitted to make scam/fraudulent/illegal calls through our service. Accounts showing any sign of such activity violating our ToS may be subject to permanent ban, without an eligibility for refund on subscription fees.