Political telemarketing software

Phone based campaigning is an effective tool for voter outreach and education

Dandydialer can be used as a robust political phone campaigning software. When running for a political campaign, candidates are often presented with budget constraints. Using telephone based polling software can be a robust way to reach the potential voters. Traditionally these polling tools have been cumbersome and expensive, requiring massive upfront budget. For elected office candidates with small campaign budgets, using dedicated phone polling machines have been out of reach till now.

The case of dandydialer in phone polling is different. First of all, it’s extremely easy to use. It’s so easy that an intern can learn to use it within 15 minutes. Anyone who have used an web based software can hit the ground running.

Next comes the cost. We don’t believe in marking up the phone minutes. When the budget is tight, every second counts. We in fact don’t even sell any minutes so that the candidate can support any local voip provider company as they like, which are also often far cheaper than cloud based providers.