school notification system software

Voip based school notification system software from dandydialer can reach all students and parents in a short time

School administration has different needs to notify the students, faculty and parents. It may be an emergency like storms, snowstorms, or heatwave, it may be an active shooting incident. No matter the cause, the need for a fast and reliable notification system is immense, as failure to notify can result in unfortunate consequences. Dandydialer has built a fast school notification system based on voip technology. The beauty of the system is in simplicity and affordability. Due to the nature of the technology, there is immense savings for the school district. A lot of schools have already switch to voip based phone systems, and the savings is even better for them because they can use their existing voip lines to make the calls, resulting in no extra cost for phone trunking.

Some of the usage of a school notification system might be:

  • Weather alerts

  • Assembly notification

  • School closure notification

  • Emergency notification

  • Student absence notification