Vicidial Alternative

Dandydialer can be used as an alternative to vicidial

Vicidial is one of the most prominent open source call center software. It is quite an old software, but development is still very active. Vici has a ton of features, but the using them effectively is not for the faint of heart. If you want to use vicidial to the full potential, it is often recommended to buy the vici manual which is a very large book, and full of technical jargon, something a user often have no clue about. To be fair, the autodialer software contains so many features that the manual which covers pretty much all of them, had to be a large book, but that doesn’t mean everyone who needs only a subset of vicidial need to go through the whole manual and become an expert in asterisk and voip. I believe that dandydialer can cover a large portion of vicidial use cases, and doesn’t require the user to become an expert in different voip jargons. For example:

  • press-1 campaign

  • voice broadcast campaign

  • remote agent campaign

  • outbound autodialing campaign

  • outbound IVR campaign

  • survey campaign

  • voicemail drop campaign

Another reason vicidial is so popular because it supports any voip trunk provider. Compared to dialers which sells minutes at a markup, there are huge savings to be made using a dialer that lets you use your own voip provider. Dandydialer also follows the same principle. It supports any SIP provider anywhere, so you are always able to use your own low cost local voip system instead of expensive international trunk providers.