Voice Broadcast / Voice Blasting / Auto Dialer Service

Communication and marketing channels are rapidly evolving. With the mandatory rent-seeking by facebook and google for reaching out your fans and audiences, few channels remain free of corporate rent-seeking by big tech. Voice communication is one such channel. Since the introduction in the early 20th century, voice communication over telephone has remained one of the most effective communication and marketing methods over the years.

When you are trying to reach a large number of audiences, calling them one by one over the phone is not an effective method. You need a tool that allows you to reach a large number of audiences in a short time. There is no shortage of companies that offer such a tool, but it’s often quite expensive due to the fact that they are using APIs from twilio et el. Given the extremely affordable rate of SIP termination companies, it’s ridiculous to pay so much premium for such a commodity service. Thus, dandydialer the voice broadcasting software was conceived.

Dandydialer is a voice broadcast dialer or auto dialer which allows you to broadcast your message to a large number of recipients in a very short time. No matter the list size, with our appropriately sized plan, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people in a very short time. Some of these situations include but not limited to:

  • Launch of a new product

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Spreading political/social/environmental awareness

  • Tele-marketing to a target audience with minimal human assistence

  • Emergency notification in case of natural disasters

Voice broadcasting starts with a message to broadcast, which is often a pre-recorded message. In dandydialer, you can either upload an audio recording for this message, but if you don’t have time or desire to fiddle with audio processing, you can also put the message in a plain textbox and instruct dandy to generate an audio file. This is very useful if you want to rapidly broadcast different message for different groups of audience.

In order to select the audience for a voice broadcast, there are multiple ways. You can upload your contacts through a csv file into dandydialer system, and you can add them via HTTP API. The second method is very useful if you want to keep your internal database of audience synchronised with our system, without any delay.