DandyDialer server version 1.5.1 brings a minor bug fix and a tiny new feature.

Bug fix

We fixed a bug for press-1 and auto-dial campaigns, where key presses (a.k.a DTMF tones) were sometimes not being recorded, despite the transfer request successfully going through. This phenomena can produce awkward statistics where number of people interacted seem to be smaller than number of people who did a successful transfer request! The new patch fixes the issue.

New feature - ignoring early key presses

We added a new tuning knob to our system to ignore key presses which are registered within very short duration after call is answered. Such key presses are not genuine as the callee barely had any time to listen to the voice prompt. They are most likely accidental.

Also, there are some anti-marketing call answering machines which likely generates DTMF tones immediately after a call is connected. Previously, our system detected them as transfer requests. With this new feature on, they can be properly detected as voicemails (if you have voicemail detection in your plan).

The tuning knob is not yet exposed in front-end. For the time being, we set it to a default value of 5 seconds.

Titon Barua


Titon Barua

Co-founder and Lead Developer

Titon is a software developer and architect with decades of experience in various web technologies, both in front-end and back-end. He prides himself in making robust and user-friendly software. An avid pythonista for a long time, these days, Titon mostly writes Clojure and Clojurescript.