DandyDialer version 1.6.0 brings two crucial new features - duplicate removal and call filters for campaign re-runs.

Duplicate removal

DandyDialer can now do automatic duplicate number removal before a campaign run. This comes in handy if your contact list contains duplicate phone numbers who might unintentionally get called more than once. The control for the feature can be found Options tab of campaign editor.

Duplicate Removal Switch

Also, as DandyDialer lets you add multiple different contact lists to a campaign, it was possible to accidentally antagonize your valuable customers with repeated calls. The new feature acts as a safety check against such mishaps.

Call filters for campaign re-run

DandyDialer now lets you finely tune your targeting strategy for subsequent runs of the same campaign. Clicking Re-run button now displays a modal dialogue with a variety of check-boxes and radio-buttons.

Call filters for Campaign Re-run

With this powerful feature, it is now possible to handle a large number of re-targeting and contact-list optimization problems. Here’s a few out of many possible combinations:

Use case 1

Say, you want to exclude those who answered in previous runs. You should check Skip answered.

Use case 2

You want to talk to those who tried to connect with the agent, but failed for various reasons. You should select Call only failed transfers. Albeit, you should also change your call script to an auto-dial script beforehand.

Use case 3

You want to call only those contacts whose calls went to voicemail. You can do that by selecting Call only machine answered option.

Various other improvements

  • Client-side SIP termination server field verification has been made more robust to reduce user confusion.
  • Country code selector in contact importer has been improved with Unicode flags.
Titon Barua


Titon Barua

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