Starting from version 1.9.0, DandyDialer now supports manual power dialing. We also added stunning agent utilization graph to facilitate easy dialer tuning.

Two different dialing strategies

Progressive dialing

Until now, for campaigns requiring human agents, DandyDialer only supported the so called “Progressive Dialing”, where number of new calls dialed were exactly equal to number of agents free at the moment. Progresive dialing is a very conservative dialing mode having virtually no chance of call abandonment. On the downside, dialing speed is quite low.

Power dialing

In power dialing, new calls are dialed in proportion to number of free agents multiplied by a configurable factor - say 2, 3.5 or 10. As a result, big contact lists can be traversed much faster, along with better agent utilization. But power dialing is not all panacea. If the dialing factor is set too high, chance of call abandonment increases due to all agents being busy during a new transfer.

In campaign editor, under ‘Options’ tab, DandyDialer now offers a choice for selecting dialing strategy where applicable.

Dialing Strategy Controls

Power dialer tuning

Effective power dialing requires a finely tuned dialing factor. But how do you guess the factor? The clue comes from agent utilization ratio of your campaign. If your this ratio is low, you need to increase dialing factor. But if utilization is above 100%, it means some agents are getting new transfer requests during handling of previous calls. That’s technically a call abandonment. So, dialing factor needs to be such that agent utilization is as close as possible to 100%, but not more.

To help iteratively tune your dialing factor, we added a new visualization to the campaign context panel - “Agent Util”. It’s a graph depicting agent utilization for the selected campaign. The graph is updated every 5 seconds, showing overall data for the last 10 minutes; along with 1 min, 5 min and 10 min averages.

Agent Utilization Graph

TIP: If you see too many red marks in the graph, you need to tone down your dialing factor.

Other new features

  • Campaigns can now be scheduled by days of week.
  • Added a button in “Settings Panel” to logout from all devices.

Bug fixes

  • Solved a big issue in campaign editor where multiple resource(agents, contact-lists etc.) selection was not working.
  • Fixed a lot of memory issues.
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