Dear user, If you were having trouble dialing with DandyDialer for the last week, please accept my apology. But it’s not all in vain!

Server Upgrades

The downtime was caused by a long due upgrade of our infrastructure. Thanks to your continuous support, we have been growing steadily for some time now. A few weeks back, we started to have the sweet problem of scaling - too many users, not enough servers. We immediately formed a plan to expand our infrastructure. After the upgrade, DandyDialer is now much responsive with expensive queries. We have quadrupled our server capacities to meet the growing needs of our enterprise customers.

Changes in Pricing

On a related note, we have removed some of the low-tier packages. Having too many packages confuses new users. Existing users can keep using the old plans. Overall, we believe having high capability plans as the base signals DandyDialer as a better, premium dialing experience!

Sushmoy Barua


Sushmoy Barua


Sushmoy, a budding mountaineer and expert in digital marketing, has provided invaluable insights into the realm of voice marketing, significantly influencing the design direction of DandyDialer. Since assuming the role of CEO, he has steered DandyDialer onto a consistently promising path of growth.