About SIP gateways

What is a SIP gateway

In order to call a traditional phone number from a computer, the computer needs to connect to an intermediary called a SIP gateway. It it also known by various names, like - SIP trunk, VoIP gateway etc.

To make calls with DandyDialer, you need to have access to such a gateway. There are thousands of companies providing these services. Usually, they charge on a per-minute basis for the talk time of routed calls.

Types of gateways

There are two types of SIP gateways:

Termination gateway

Used to make outgoing calls. This type of gateway is essential for operation of DandyDialer.

Origination gateway

Used to receive incoming calls. Currently, DandyDialer has no use for this type of gateways.

Usually, most SIP providers support both kinds of gateways.

Choosing a SIP service provider

There are numerous SIP gateway providers in each country and the per minute phone call rate varies among them. But cheap is not always good. Some providers route calls through over-used infrastructure, making call drops a regular occurrence. Ideally, you should choose a provider which suites your quality needs and budget.