What is DandyDialer?

DandyDialer is an automated interactive phone call software. With DandyDialer, you can quickly and easily reach a large number of people with voice broadcast campaigns and interactive press-1 campaigns.

Use cases

Imagine a scenario where you have to make phone calls to hundreds or thousands of people in a short time; say -

  1. To warn about an upcoming natural disaster.

  2. To invite shareholders to annual general meeting of a company.

  3. To advertise new products or services to existing clients of a business.

  4. To market products or services to potential leads acquired through some other lead generation channel.

  5. To conduct phone survey demands for a new service.

  6. To conduct a political poll.

With manual dialing, it is very tedious and error prone to reach and talk to such a large number of audience. With DandyDialer, you can just type in a text message [1] or upload an mp3 file and let the computer handle the rest for you.

If you want keep a human in the loop, you may set-up an agent who will be reachable whenever an interested callee presses a number [2] in his or her keypad during the phone call. This is sometimes known as an outbound IVR system where instead of the human calling a line and getting greeted by an IVR, the machine itself calls the human and presents and IVR.

You can also setup a voicemail message in case someone is not available to pick up the call. DandyDialer will automatically detect beeps of an answering machine and play the message.

1. DandyDialer has state-of-the-art neural network based text-to-speech(TTS) engine builtin.
2. This type of campaign is called press-1.