A new version of dandydialer is out with critical bug fixes, some QOL improvements and upgraded call channels for STARTER and BASIC packages.

List of fixed bugs

  • Fixed agent transfers not completing in some circumstances. Both press-1 and auto-dialer campaigns were affected by this.
  • Fixed some calls becoming zombie in very rare cases.

QOL improvements

  • In gateway editor, Gateway specific dialing prefix field now supports arbitrary number of plus(+) signs in it.
  • Gateway level pre-ring call failures are now more transparent. Previously, such calls had ‘NORMAL_CLEARNING’ as their hangup cause and the hangup side was listed to be from ‘Client’. After change, the hangup side is shown to be ‘Gateway-or-carrier’ with appropriate hangup reason.

Free upgrades

BASIC package has been upgraded from 15 CC to 16 CC. Also, STARTER package has been upgraded from 5 CC to 6 CC.

In DandyDialer, you need to two call channels to make campaign calls which require presense of a human agent. Currenttly, press-1 and auto-dialer campaigns are subject to this. As a consequence, users of BASIC and STARTER packages, who had 15 CC and 5 CC respectively, had one channel unused for press1 and auto-dialer campaigns. One of our users complained about this and we decided to increase the call channels to be evenly divisible for all packages. Hence, all users of BASIC and STARTER packs now gets access to 1 extra call channel for no cost.

Titon Barua


Titon Barua

Co-founder and Lead Developer

Titon is a software developer and architect with decades of experience in various web technologies, both in front-end and back-end. He prides himself in making robust and user-friendly software. An avid pythonista for a long time, these days, Titon mostly writes Clojure and Clojurescript.