Another bugfix update with some performance improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Cleaned up login flow. Numerous bugs related to sign-in and sign-up has been fixed. Also, we are reinstating requirement of email address verification for sign-up. It was temporarily disabled due to being too buggy.
  • Added mitigation for a rare bug due to which some campaigns seemed to go on forever with one or two calls never hanging up. This was a database bug.

Call Performance Improvement

Previously, DandyDialer used to linger for 1 or 2 seconds to collect all the information related to a call hangup. While not really a big issue, it used to give users a perception of lagginess in test call interface. With new version, DandyDialer responds much faster - close to instantaneously. Apart from the UX improvement, campaigns should progress slightly faster, as every call will finish 1 second earlier. That’s approximately 2.5 minutes saved for a campaign with 1000 contacts, running with 6 call channels!

Titon Barua


Titon Barua

Co-founder and Lead Developer

Titon is a software developer and architect with decades of experience in various web technologies, both in front-end and back-end. He prides himself in making robust and user-friendly software. An avid pythonista for a long time, these days, Titon mostly writes Clojure and Clojurescript.