Today we released another version (1.4.1) with improvements to DNC functionality. As promised in previous post, DandyDialer now gives the callees the ability to add themselves to DNC list with a key press.

New section in script editor

You can now see an extra section in script creator/editor where DNC key and related optional voice response can be configured. We also overhauled the visual look of response key configuration sections. They are now easier to toggle and skim through.

List import speed regression fix

Some recent changes had negative impacts on list import speed. The issue has been fixed. Also, we changed import algorithm to perform database writes in batches (which we should have done earlier!), increasing import speed significantly.

Titon Barua


Titon Barua

Co-founder and Lead Developer

Titon is a software developer and architect with decades of experience in various web technologies, both in front-end and back-end. He prides himself in making robust and user-friendly software. An avid pythonista for a long time, these days, Titon mostly writes Clojure and Clojurescript.